Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Prezzie Festival Continues!

Like every year, I get my birthday presents in installments. I love that! Last night after work I drove to KLU for a mini-break (It has been snowing here all day, by the way) and this morning I opened a veritable heap of presents by my parents. My Mum had sewed me two really cool skirts and bought some lovely gifts of the fashion/jewellery variety and my Dad ordered me 8 (!) books from my Amazon wishlist, including a Japanese picture dictionary and one with DIY handbag projects). Plus I got a rice cooker which I had asked for and am very excited to try out in Vienna.

Another thing I like about birthdays is that you get things you yourself also only buy for others and would not splurge out for yourself. Such as obscenely expensive chocolate:

camel chocolates (onemorehandbag)Yesterday I had lunch with Amica and Mademoiselle and the gift wrapping itself was divine:
oooooo, more prezzies! (onemorehandbag)Mademoiselle's presents came in the cool tote bag with apples and to my shame I must admit I sort of made her feel obliged to leave me the bag, too. Ahem, greedy me.

I could have taken a picture of ALL the lovely prezzies I got - when I showed my booty in the office, the Gazelle actually asked "How many people did you have lunch with?" - but I'll just show you Amica's:
frog and prince (onemorehandbag)It has become a sort of tradition for her to give me something shiny, Jeff-Koons-esque. This year, she got me a frog-shaped piggy bank (froggy bank?) to save up for my next shopping-sprees and a really funny little book called "Mr. Perfect" where you can pick'n mix the man of your dreams from various components. I didn't ask if I had to kiss the frog first.


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