Monday, January 25, 2010

Morbid Saturday

On Saturday, MC and I went for a walk in...a cemetery. Well, not ANY cemetery, but the one and only Zentralfriedhof, immortalised in Wolfgang Ambros' famous (nationally anyway) song and visited by groups of Japanese tourists who want to see the last resting place of famous composers.
You don't know the song? Well, here it is:

Despite the bitter cold, it was a good destination for a winter walk:
Zentralfriedhof (onemorehandbag) Carl Ritter von Ghega, just one of the many V.I.P.s
Zentralfriedhof (onemorehandbag) Jesus was a bit snotty...
Zentralfriedhof (onemorehandbag) MC with her cute hat (hiding her new haircut)

Zentralfriedhof (onemorehandbag)Karl Borromäus Church (architect Max Hegele)

Zentralfriedhof (onemorehandbag) Outdoing the neighbours continues in the afterlife

Zentralfriedhof (onemorehandbag)We did not try them, but the sign (it's an old-fashioned expression for "toilets") looked very dignified.


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