Friday, January 15, 2010

A Sweet Place and Even Sweeter Gifts

Last Saturday, when Chiquita and I were on our way to sampe blueorange's matcha latte, we passed a cute little tearoom that looked so cosy and inviting, I decided to try it out soon:
Süssi (onemorehandbag) Last night, I met the Prefab Babe (PB) and since she works in the same district and is an anglophile as well, I suggested the tea room, aptly called Süssi because apart from Mariage Frères teas in many different flavours, they are all about incredibly sinful looking sweets:
more Süssi (onemorehandbag) With my yuzu temple tea (very good), I had "cashew caramel" and PB "macadamia caramel", which quite to my surprise were served warm. They also have cakes, macarons and ice cream.

even more Süssi (onemorehandbag)We were the only customers, but the waiter did not seem too eager to "pitch": we were there for 2 hours and he discreetly kept to the background, not asking us if we'd like something else. Well, probably he knows that people fall into a sugar-induced coma after finishing their desserts and become too lethargic to think about more tea. When he cleared our table, he accidentally wiped off the ornate potpourri holder (an identical twin of the one above) on the neighbouring table, which promptly broke into several pieces. I don't know if this is a regular occurence, but the friend I had lunch with today told me that when she and her husband were there the waiter also broke something. Hmmm. I hope they have good connections to antiques stores to stock up on replacement knick-knack.
All in all, it was a really original place, but it felt a bit strange to be the only guests.
The REAL highlight of the evening was the PB's super-cool gifts, a belated Christmas (shame! I had none for her) and an early birthday pressie, cellotaped inside a self-made card:
aren't you jealous? (onemorehandbag) The item on the left is a (hand-knitted) orange pot-holder to go with the orange theme in my living room and the coin purse (click to enlarge) reads "Oh God, I'm so bloody blonde sometimes". LOVE it! Does anyone have any suggestions what I could use such a small purse for, other than the obvious coins? I really want to show it off, but only tend to use separate wallets for change when on vacation and have a mini cosmetics bag I really like. Comments welcome!


Anonymous Flowers said...

I am not sure about the sweeter gift. After going through the picture on your blog. I can say that everything is so inviting. Would love to visit the place :)

1/16/2010 08:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Take me there on my next (not sure when) visit to W. Looks so nice and peaceful and sinful. Your older birthday-sharer!!

1/17/2010 06:50:00 PM  

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