Friday, January 08, 2010

DIY Queen!

Wow, who would have thought...

Every year, selected people who (at least convincingly pretend to) appreciate them, get photo calendars from me for Christmas, or, if their birthdays are in January, for their birthdays. After once having them professionally printed, I resorted back to my trusty Canon Pixma ip 4000 which has always yielded brilliant results. Until tonight when I wanted to print out the January batch. A nasty greenish hue. I tried another picture. Bleurgh. I checked the USB ports, removed and inserted all cartridges, suspecting the "magenta" in particular to have misbehaved. Still green.

Doing a bit of research in the wide, wide web, I learnt that unless it has something today with an outdated driver (nope) or wrongly inserted cartridges (nope), it was probably a case of congested printer heads. With little trust in the miracles I would work, I removed the cartridges and painstakingly cleaned the printer heads and contacts with q-tips and alcohol. And lo and hehold:

before and after (onemorehandbag)It actually worked! Excuse me now - I will spend the rest of the night patting my back...


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