Friday, January 01, 2010

Somewhere Over the

Vienna is known for its wind, Salzburg for its rain and Klagenfurt for its fog. My Mum, whose middle name should be "Spaziergang" (walk) likes to escape the ground fog by driving to nearby Radsberg/Radiše. Like yesterday. When we parked the car, we were just above fog level:
fog (onemorehandbag) The fog looked almost like an impenetrable wall:
more fog (onemorehandbag) But just a few metres higher up, the sun made a very welcome guest appearance:
fog lifting (onemorehandbag)
Marterl (onemorehandbag)Afterwards we drove back to the foggy basin of KLU, which was getting even more opaque in the course of the night with the by-products of the bangers and firecrackers ignited by our martial neighbours.


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