Monday, December 28, 2009

Itch, Scratched

After 3 and a half days of closed shops, I was getting restless.

This morning, I headed downtown shortly after 9 to choose new glasses (of the spectacles frame, not drinking vessel variety), a task I had deliberately scheduled for the quiet(er) time between Christmas and the New Year and for KLU, where there the choice at the local Fielmann branch was less overwhelming than in Vienna. The Pampered Princess (who surprised me by telling me that not only did she occasionally read my blog, but she had gone to the trouble of browsing through my Amazon wishlist and ordering a book from it as a Christmas present. Good girl!) assisted me in selecting a pair from my shortlist of frames and prevented me from settling for a "lab goggles" kind transparent one, which I basically liked the idea of, but which wasn't flattering at all. I eventually chose a reddish pair by... Versace, which sounds frightening and evokes unwanted images of Victoria Beckham, but which is actually very plain with no Medusa head in sight, not even on the earpieces. The finished glasses will be sent to Vienna and I am looking forward to getting my stylish new specs.
Afterwards, we walked through the pedestrian zone and checked out the Sale at Stefanel. The PP picked up a cosy looking cashmere cardigan. "Nice", I said, "but, you know, I'm not even looking at jumpers and other tops, I have SO many." Right. Fifteen minutes later, I left Sisley with two new items, an elegant viscose top and a powdery pink woollen jumper. Ahem. At € 35 for both of them, it obviously was a steal and I would never have forgiven myself for not picking them up.
new rags (onemorehandbag) Just as well I'm going skiing tomorrow...


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