Thursday, December 31, 2009

We'll See

I'm trying a different approach in 2010: keep all the yearly horoscopes for my sign, aquarius, that I stumble upon in magazines and look at the end of next year which of the prognoses were accurate.horoscope for 2010 (onemorehandbag) 2009 was supposed to have been my year. Much to my disappointment, thoses promised stellar successes both on the private and professional front did not materialise. If you ask the Mermaid or my Mum, the fact that Prince Charming did not turn up on my doorstep might have to do with the fact that I'm just not looking properly...maybe. In any case, it has been, or rather was, an interesting year. (What a versatile adjective "intersting" is, don't you think?).
Most of all, it was a lear of learning, not of the academic kind, but of the "lessons for life" variety, which is not always pleasant: re-evaluate some friendships, be less trustful, don't always wear your heart on your sleeve, and (don't give up hope you'll be able to one day) handle disappointments better and more professionally. Overall, it was a good year, though, one of the highlights of which was my extraordinary holiday in Japan and also the realisation that support and affection often come from where you least expect it.
In any case, I'll be able to see clearly with my new glasses, which I already received yesterday:
I can see clearly now (onemorehandbag)They make me look a bit "strict" compared to my rimless pair, which I will continue to wear, but as I wear contact lenses most of the time anyway, I hope I won't scare too many kids.

Wishing all of you a sparkling and shiny New Year with all your wishes coming true!


Anonymous alcessa said...

Oh, yes! How about a happy new 2010? That would be fine, really (I quite dislike my 2009).

Wish you many handbags and loads of other necessary and beautiful things and states - and thank you once more for the present (got it today).

12/31/2009 03:11:00 PM  

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