Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Viennese Matcha Latte Experience

Thanks to a tip by FCN/BoB, I knew that blueorange were now doing matcha lattes. Yeah! Being both impatient and curious, I had to try it asap and therefore braved the journey through the rain, Chiquita in tow. Our verdict: not bad, but much to sweet even though we had the original, not the white chocolate variety (I don't want to imagine how sweet that one is).

matcha latte @ blueorange (onemorehandbag)Until some other places (Starbucks people, pleeeeease ask your Japanese barista colleagues to teach you the trick!) start offering the real deal, I'll either go to Cha No Ma when the urge strikes me or make it myself. With the 2 tins I imported from Japan plus another 2 I got as Christmas presents, I have plenty of raw material:
my matcha stash (onemorehandbag)Another place that has something they chose to call "matcha latte" on their menu is Freiraum, by the way. It was also really sweet and the white foam seemed not to be milk or soy milk, but rather aerosol cream. Bizarre.


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