Friday, January 22, 2010


To me, shopping (and above all, bag shopping) is all about the hunt and adrenaline rush. Which is probably why I find it frustrating that really upmarket stores like LV or Hermès never have a sale on. What's the point if you can't make a bargain, eh?
When I came back to Vienna after Christmas, the sales had already begun at Vienna's more or less only department store deserving this name, Steffl. I went there in my lunch-break with the Empress and immediately fell in love with a grey (and as we all know, grey is the new black) Coccinelle bag. Like most of the bags, it was 30% off and still pretty expensive. My Mum, who was in Vienna at the time as well, and on the look-out for a birthday present for me, saw it as well and immediately thought I might like it. As her pain threshold regarding prices of bags is lower than mine and she was not 100% sure I'd want it, she didn't get it, though. I, however, really coveted the bag and could not get it out of my mind, but knew that Steffl tend to further reduce their prices and chances were that I might get it for 50% off, provided someone did not snatch it away from me. The next day, I went back to admire it once more and resolve to be patient. Incidentally, my Mum went back to the shop as well, but did not find it as they had re-arranged stock.
Some days later, the bag was sold and they only had the bigger size, still for only 30% off. I was disappointed that my strategy hadn't paid off and began some online research only to find out I could not find any shop selling the desired style in grey. Bummer.
Last night, I needed some retail therapy kick and decided to go to Steffl as my dear colleagues didn't let me sratch my itch at Tiffany's. There, the bag's bigger sister was waiting for me, the price 50% off. Oh, the adrenaline rush!
After some deliberation in view of other (cheaper) grey Coccinelle bags, I got it. It's LOVE and every single colleague (including men) had to worship at the altar of the grey Coccinelle today:
coccinelle stripe (onemorehandbag) The Chanel-esque cardigan in the back is a Promod bargain for € 9,90 I got earlier this week.


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