Monday, January 18, 2010

The End is Near

When my plan to go skiing on Saturday fell flat because my company got sick, I decided to inspect the famous Hohe Wand Wiese in Vienna (!) instead. I went there with Mademoiselle (both of us sans ski) in order to find out whether it was a) worth it and b) going there by public transport was feasible. The latter is an unconditional "yes", but the solitary slope is definitely for children or beginners only. Standing in front of the lift and slope, you can't really make out if there is more hill further up or if this is it.
Hohe Wand Wiese (onemorehandbag) click to enlarge

I asked a man in ski gear if the lift went further up than one could see. He said it was his first time there and he was not sure, but supposed it did. I eventually queued up at the ticket counter to ask and had my suspicions confirmed: there was not more than met the eye...


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