Monday, January 25, 2010

Really, I Should Recycle Last Year's Title

Same situation, fog-wise as when I last skied at Unterberg, the lovely retro ski "resort", a mere hour's drive from Vienna.

When you park your car, you board an old bus with snow chains on the tyres that takes you further up the mountain to the lifts:

Unterberg bus (onemorehandbag) On some of the slopes, the fog was still pretty dense and it was just as well that the PP's sister (in the picture below) and I wore such bright anoraks:
The very peak of Unterberg offered blue skies and a view of the "fog blanket" in the valley:

Unfortunately, there were neither benches, nor restaurants in the sunny spots which meant that we had to opt for an indoor-lunch as the temperatures were not exactly inviting in the shade and fog.
The (all natural) snow was just perfect!
All pictures taken with my phone - the blue skies would have made you even more jealous with a good camera...


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