Friday, February 05, 2010

I Prefer My Sorbet in a Bowl

Last night after work, Mademoiselle and I went to Rathausplatz to get a dose of this year's "ice dream". Mademoiselle was very brave as she hadn't skated for 20 years! Despite this and ill-fitting shoes, she skated remarkably well. Minus one incidence of bum-touching-ice, that is. Bot the ice and the whole organisation were a major disappointment though. The former was more sorbet than ice, the latter meant endless queues at the ticket booth. They were so bad that the Mermaid who was supposed to join us gave up and just stayed for a drink in the - admittedly rather nice - "lounge" place there.
No complaints about the backdrop, though:
Eistraum 2010 (onemorehandbag) Click on the picture below to get an idea of the shaved ice/sorbet consistency of the ice:

sorbet (onemorehandbag)Much as I love the idea of after-work-skating, I've vowed to stay faithful to Eislaufverein, where not only the ice, but the "soundtrack" is much more to my liking:

Eislaufverein 2010 (onemorehandbag) Picture taken on Sunday afternoon. It does get more crowded at night.


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