Monday, February 01, 2010

Call me Audrey

I appreciate every birthday gift if I feel it was chosen with care and my person in mind and so I hardly (need to) state my preferences when asked what I wish for.

This year, I did have a wish, but one that I knew I'd have to fulfil myself, lacking a Prince Charming or wanting to ask my parents for it.
I blame my glossy mags "habit" for planting the seed of desire in my subconscious:

Tiffany's Keys ad (onemorehandbag) Want!Want!Want!

As my dear colleagues knew about my drooling after one of the silver keys (well, I would take the gold or even white gold/diamond combos, but let's stay realistic here), they pooled funds and gave me a generous voucher, which I promptly used towards my dream pendant plus one of the necklaces that I like to call "bath tub plug chains" that I've always really liked and admired on Chiquita, who got one with a heart-shaped pendant as a graduation present.

favourite Tiffany's key (onemorehandbag)Mine!Mine!Mine!

Speaking of office prezzies - the Empress gave me a cool origami sticky note pad (doesn't really show on the photos unfortunately) aaaand... Bobby Brown's Makeup Manual. I will be so beautiful and professionally made up once I've finished the book, you won't believe it! And perhaps not recognise me any more?
Bobby Brown Book (onemorehandbag)


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