Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yes, Ma'am!

Good-natured and obedient person that I am, I had to obey the Empress's orders and get the boots that she had also had her eyes on but as they were too loose on her calves - not exactly a dilemma that I am often faced with- did not buy. "You MUST buy them", she insisted. "They are SO cool! And 50% off". I tried them on on Friday, but reasoned with myself (having just bought the gorgeous grey Coccinelle bag the previous day) at first that they were more or less black and I did own two pairs of black boots, one of which I wore a lot and one I hardly ever wore because the heel was too high for my comfort. I did however return there on Monday, wearing a skirt, just to see what they looked like paired with a skirt. Well and guess what - on second thought, they appeared more granite grey than black and what with the fancy elastic detail were, like, totally different. Deal!

Tardi's boots (onemorehandbag) Today, the Gazelle and I went to Peek & Cloppenburg in our lunch-break, armed with a €10 voucher each which the nice and thoughtful people of P&C had sent us (yep, easy marketing prey and all that...) and the plan was to have a look at knitted dresses or long tops. What I ended up buying was a pair of skinny Pepe jeans (style "thirty-seven" if you are curious) that came with a feather key-fob (?) to match the feather stitching on the back pockets and waistband and which are just crying out to be paired with the boots. Don't you agree?
73 Pepe Jeans (onemorehandbag)


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