Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Last night, I went to see Scoop with a friend (let's call her the Tyrolean) after having swapped our bags with Christmas pressies at Starbucks. We both really enjoyed the film and agreed that it was in fact the perfect pre-Christmas entertainment if you're after a much-needed break in between marathon baking and combat shopping. I have pretty much seen all of Woody Allen's many films (must be genetic, my parents love him too) and admittedly there was a phase in the late 90s where I thought he was way past his prime. Not so. After Match Point, which was probably the best film I've seen this year he has produced another masterpiece in a completely different, more lightweight, genre. It was definitely his funniest film since Manhattan Murder Mystery and Scarlett Johansson just seems made to star in a Woody Allen film. As does London as a location, interestingly enough. In magazine speak: Scarlett J. is the new Diane Keaton. London is the new New York.


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