Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cookie Monster on tour

there's more...(onemorehandbag) Some more of my recent baking exploits above...

Tonight I'm flying to Cologne to visit my cousin Chiquita for the long weekend (tomorrow's a holiday in Austria). Chiquita actually lives (and works) in Düsseldorf but when I booked the flight she lived in Cologne which is why I have the privilege to indulge in a (hopefully pleasant) Deutsche Bahn experience late at night. Anyway, I'm looking forward not only to seeing her but also another friend who lives in the area and to revisiting these two cities, which I really like, Cologne in particular. Düsseldorf has a Habitat store (drool, drool) and although I was not particularly impressed with their current collection when I checked in Manchester, I'm hoping to find some Christmas pressies there.

More about all that on Monday.


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