Monday, December 14, 2020

Pandemic Light


On Saturday I was in Vienna to get tested for Covid ("negative", in case you were wondering) since one of the 3 testing stations was just around the corner from where my flat is and I wanted to be a good citizen. It was an extremely bizarre experience and felt like a dystopia to see people in hazmat suits and face shields poke around in people's noses where I used to jump up and down singing along to my favourite musicians who gave concerts at that same venue. All in all, my weekly visits to Vienna are a reminder that there is indeed a pandemic going on. From people in supermarkets or on buses who annoy me by wearing their masks as chin warmers to the urge to constantly wash or disinfect my hands, it is a way different experience from my isolated existence at Highflyer's house in a little village where he often is the only person I see for days on end. When we go for a walk we don't need a mask and working from home has become such a routine that there are some days when I actually forget about the whole "situation". I'm actually glad that this is the case, but I often feel like a somewhat bewildered tourist from a rural area when I navigate the "big city". I can definitely understand the current rush to buy real estate outside of cities as you definitely experience the "pandemic light" version when you live in a remote area, or even the outskirts or suburbs as opposed to the city centre.


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