Monday, October 12, 2020

Fast Forward


I spent the past weekend in Vienna and it was a pretty action-packed one in the sense that I didn't get to tick off all the chores I had planned. I had wanted to get started on the "bi-annual wardrobe shift", i.e. put away summer clothes, shoes and scarves and change them for my things for the colder months. It feels as if I just did this, only the other way round, and took a bundle of t-shirts and summer dresses to Highflyer's house. The last 6 months have just gone by in a blur and by now most people have resigned themselves to the fact that some things will never be the same. It's noticeably autumn now and nobody knows how much face to face socialising will be feasible over the coming months. I had a pretty social weekend and it felt really good to see some of my favourite people and walk around in the city. A little dose of urban life has recharged my batteries and I am happy I have the option to alternate between Suburbia and City. These days, staying in Vienna feels like a treat or mini vacation and I almost feel like a tourist in my town.

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