Monday, August 03, 2020

You'll Find Me in the Hammock

(Starbucks cup and straw are not for single use, I hasten to add)

My maternal grandfather had one holy grail item of garden furniture he kept wistfully talking about for years until he finally received it as a present: a three-seater garden swing chair, which in German has the great name Hollywoodschaukel  (literally "Hollywood swing"). When he finally got it, he loved it and even ended up doing his post-lunch power naps stretched out in that swing. 
For me, the coolest summer "furniture" is the humble hammock and it does not make a difference if it is one tied between two trees or comes with a stand, like the one from a popular German discount supermarket chain that Highflyer got me when I told him how much I loved them. Since it has shown up in his garden not a day has gone by when at least one of us ends up laying in there, reading. I love, love, love the instant summer feeling I get as soon as I'm stretched out in one. Sometimes, it really is the simplest of things to make you happy.


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