Monday, May 25, 2020


"Good health is the most important thing" is a saying that we all agree to but take as seriously when everything is alright as "All we want is World Peace". For more than half of last week I had such a fierce pain in my lower back that I was afraid I must have slipped a disc. I have no idea what caused it but it gave me a fright that I could not put on or take off my left sock the usual way, i.e. by just lifting my left foot while standing. I had to sit down and raise my left foot "manually". Honestly, I felt like 48 going on 102. I got injections in my back (no effect) and painkillers and 3 days after seeing a doctor who also sent me to have my back x-rayed the pain went away. Hallelujah! My "smartphone thumb" incident aside I can't remember ever having experienced such excruciating pain. Laying down was actually more painful than walking or sitting still and I could not turn myself over in bed without wincing in pain. Being healthy and able to move all your limbs really is something we should not take for granted and I probably needed this painful reminder to appreciate it again.


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