Monday, May 11, 2020

Reluctant Miranda

When Sex and the City was the TV series de jour my favourite character was sarcastic Miranda. Towards the end of the show she got settled in Brooklyn with husband and child which meant that she gradually gravitated out of the centre of the circle of friends, mostly orbiting in her boring little uncool-district bubble as perceived by the rest of the gang who remained in Manhattan. 
Myself, I always used to pity friends who had to commute to work from some godforsaken village in Lower Austria or Burgenland and counted myself lucky I did not have to leave a fun gathering halfway to catch the last train home or to arrive stressed and in sweaty patches because I could not find a parking spot near the meeting point. 
Now that I am still working from home but lockdown measures have been loosened and a semi-normal life has begun I am increasingly torn between still wanting to be the Miranda or having a slight sense of FOMO and being afraid of being cut out of people's plans because I am the boring one who prefers country walks and sewing yet another mask to a spontaneous meeting in town. Things will change once I am back at the office as I really don't see myself commuting, but for now I would not mind if the (outdoor) space I enjoy here were located within walking distance of my friends and favourite hunting grounds in Vienna.


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