Monday, April 27, 2020

I'll Be Here

This week I am off work and for the first time (not counting my sabbatical in 2015) I am on leave and not going anywhere, but spending time here at Highflyer's in Lower Austria and in Vienna where I need to get some long overdue household chores done.
My company prompted employees to take as much leave as possible in order to help the company financially and while at first I found it rather annoying to have to use up days of my precious annual leave in times when I can't go anywhere, I now think differently. Not only do we now know that vacations abroad are off the agenda probably for the greater part of this year, but I also really needed this break. Last week, I spent hours on end in Skype calls and my back was killing me. It's different if you rush from one meeting to the next when you are in a huge office building where you have to walk from meeting room A to meeting room B and might have the chance to grab a coffee or chat to a colleague on the way. Now everyone knows you're stuck at home anyway and BAM slams another 30-minute meeting in the only slot you would have had for lunch or a quick walk round the block. Not funny when this is the case several days in a row and you wish you at least had had a morning commute to be able to stretch your legs. 
I am really looking forward to a few days of just laying in the sun, reading, sewing, cooking, baking, cycling on top of the cleaning and decluttering I need to do in my flat back home. Not going anywhere, but not minding that one bit right now.


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