Monday, July 27, 2020


At one of my last conference at the Firm, I took part in an eye-opening exercise where the (international) audience had to place sticky notes that had been hidden underneath their seats on paper hats depending on what the facilitator told them to. There were instructions such as "if you grew up in a country where it is not safe for women to walk home alone in the dark put a post-it on your hat", "if you grew up in a house that had more than 100 books take a post-it off", "if you have ever been discriminated because of your religious beliefs, add a post-it", and so on. Essentially, it was an exercise in diversity, but it really showed me how privileged I was, above all! I have never in any way felt deprived of anything, nor harassed or discriminated against because of my gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, you name it!
In the past few months as we have been bombarded by horrible statists of Covid-19 related deaths, collapsing health systems and leaders making questionable decisions, I have felt incredibly privileged to live in a country with a stable and reliable health system, to hold a well-paid job that does not require me to work in unsafe conditions in times of a pandemic or in general and to be able to make the best of this situation. I really do appreciate it every day.


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