Monday, September 07, 2020

All that Kitsch


Last Friday was my (first) anniversary with Highflyer. If anyone had told me a year ago what general craziness 2020 would bring, I would have accused that person of having read one too many dystopian novel or binge-watched end-of-the-world genre films on Netflix. If they had told me about the happiness this year would bring me, the sappy declarations and lovey-dovey looks I would exchange on a daily basis and the fact that I would be engaged months before my first anniversary, I would have accused them of overindulging in tacky romance TV shows targeted at frustrated housewifes. Well, the truth is that 2020 has been bewildering and scary on a global level, but nothing but exhilarating and comforting on a personal one. My cousin (Chiquita) once remarked "you two are so kitschy" when I told her that while I was in Australia with her Highflyer, who had also picked me up from the airport with a bunch of roses, had been practicing a song with very flattering lyrics on the piano that reminded him of me. Maybe it takes two pragmatic people two bring out the most romantic side in one another and be embarrassingly cheesy at times. Whatever it is, I'm totally okay with that.


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