Monday, October 19, 2020

Not All Bad

I think we can all agree that the one headline we would most love to see is "Covid-19 is cancelled" and I am as frustrated as the next person at times about the fact that this pandemic seems to go on and on and on. There are, however, some positive side-effect of the past 7 months, one of them being that I have re-ignited my love for sewing. Granted, I've made mainly masks by the dozen, but I have truly enjoyed using up and repurposing old fabrics and thinking of some creative upcycling projects. I've been cooking and baking up a storm and could publish a cookbook called "100 Creative Ideas for Store-Bought Puff-Pastry" at any time. Sure, I loved cooking and baking before, but while I baked on most Sundays, bringing my offerings into the office the next day, I tended to only cook when I had guests over. In the past months I have cooked for Highflyer (and when he was not around, also for myself) pretty much every single day. These "housewifey" endeavours are immensely gratifying and I love how my "sewing room" has come together now that I had my comfortable armchair delivered. Yes, I have a dedicated sewing room at Highflyer's house, right next to my office. Despite the fact that the sewing machine that I have in Vienna is much better and sturdier, I love the little turquoise Singer entry-level machine that I ordered during lockdown. Having limited social obligations and distractions definitely boosted my creativity and I am grateful for that.


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