Monday, November 09, 2020

What a Week!


Last week was a bit much to take in. Apart from the fact that I spent way too much time in my home office and didn't get any fresh air and daylight on some days, a horrible terrorist attack shook the nation and my phone was flooded with messages from friends abroad asking if I was okay when I woke up on Tuesday morning. Thankfully I was and all in all, it wasn't nearly as traumatising as it would have been had I been in the city at the time myself and heard the sirens like my friends did. or if I had been locked in a theatre for hours like a friend was. I was safe in Highflyer's house and therefore it all didn't feel as close to home, literally.
The day after the attack I found out that one of my dearest friends had been tested positive for Covid-19, thankfully a "mild case". This person had been very careful and rule-abiding with no idea how and where they got infected, which made it even more worrying, somehow.
I have reached that stage again where I try to seriously censor my own news consumption. Stories of hospital staff calling the situation "dramatic" does not help my mental wellbeing and I just hope numbers will go down and this second lockdown will have a positive effect.
The news of Biden winning the U.S. presidential elections and lovely quality time with Highflyer on Saturday, when he had the day off, definitely put a silver lining in an otherwise pretty bleak week.

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