Monday, May 20, 2019

The Things I Do for Love...

On Saturday, I attended the art performance of a good friend of mine. Pretty much everyone I chatted with in the audience, including her kids, admitted that it wasn't really their "kettle of fish" but they were there to support her. My sentiments exactly. Unless I am out of town or otherwise booked with something I cannot reschedule and/or animals and small children are hurt in the thing you want me to witness I will gladly attend your choir performance, dance show, piano recital or exhibition opening if I like you. If it's excruciatingly bad I might find an excuse the next time, but the first time round, I will show up and bring friends. Ultimately, I hope that you'd do the same thing for me if ever I am planning to invite you to a public display of my talents.  Or should I say "talents". Be very afraid.


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