Monday, March 18, 2019

It's a Fine Balance

On Friday morning, I thought I had a weekend ahead of me that would be of the "me"-variety and allow me to get some household chores and other projects I had procrastinated done since the only thing I had planned was visiting a friend's charity exhibition with two other friends on Saturday morning. By Friday night I already had more plans and eventually it was quite an action-packed weekend...again. Somehow those productive weekends rarely come about and I'm not complaining either as I am not forced at gunpoint to meet friends but voluntarily do so. It is a fine balance though between having nothing planned at all and over-committing to the point that I actually wish I had an extra two days to recover from my busy weekend. This past weekend was just right for me.
I am a social animal at heart and highly spontaneous, but I do need some downtime, too. Now that I have made a conscious effort not to travel as much on weekends I really notice that I appreciate those weekend breaks much more and love alternating them with weekends in Vienna when I can catch up with friends and also just enjoy "living" at home with no plans.


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