Monday, February 11, 2019

Blue & Green Or: A Smart Investment

Sometimes we find things eccentric or exaggerated that other people do and we ourselves don't. I do as well. Sometimes I just don't care what the story behind is, others I might be curious enough to want to find out more. Well, I'm not assuming all the people who are following me on Instagram and who have paid enough attention to realise that I always wear a blue, or rather turquoise, ski outfit when in Carinthia, and a green/navy and pink one when in Vienna, have had sleepless nights wondering why that may be the case. I'm going to tell you why anyway: because I have 2 sets of ski gear (outfit, helmet, boots, gloves, skis, ski poles, helmet, goggles...) one each in Vienna and Klagenfurt. Best investment ever as after years of carting my gear back and forth I am flexible to the point where I can spontaneously hop onto a train/bus/plane to Klagenfurt. It has added so much quality to my life since skiing is one of the few sports I seriously enjoy. My perfect day would be working only half a day, then being picked up by a shuttle bus that takes me to a ski resort about 30 mins away from my office where I can ski (on perfect snow, in sunshine) for 2-3 hours. Anyone would like to join me (in my pipe dream)?


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