Monday, December 03, 2018

Been There, Done That

As previously mentioned, I learnt the "hard" way that it's not quite the same renewing your frequent traveller status due to business travel during the week as flying around every other weekend is. NOT reflected in the statistics above are 2 free flights I redeemed with my miles (Bukarest and Sofia respectively), by the way. Let's just say, I certainly did my part in keeping Austrian Airlines up and running...erm...flying this year, this time with my own money Will I do it again in 2019? Nope. Definitely not with this frequency. While I will probably always love travelling and exploring new places for as long as my mind and body allow me, I have realised that I want more down time at home in between, for getting things done, catching up with friends and appreciating beautiful Vienna.  I do already have 5 (!) flights booked for 2019 at this stage and have more plans, but am really trying to avoid flying somewhere 4 weekends in a row as I did this May for example. 


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