Monday, November 26, 2018


Recently, I immersed myself into various strengths-based personality tests and communication models at work and was particularly intrigued both by the overlap and consistency among them when it came to my own test results. They all seem to agree that empathy, curiosity and adaptability are among my top strengths. What I find more surprising is that I'm also apparently perceived as an "achiever" by others, an attribute which I would not have used to describe myself. I once more became aware that - at least professionally - I have changed SO much over the past 20+ years and if you had known me then or been my coworker you would probably hardly recognise me as exposure to an American corporate culture in a competitive environment has really toughened me and made me quite resilient. Deep down, I am still same old me with the occasional attack of imposter syndrome, but I have learnt to sell myself better (apart from the fact that "bullshit bingo" has become second nature for me...) and to take any form of unsettling change in my stride. It's still not always easy, but you might sometimes even think I'm a pro...
Work-life aside, it really feels good to not obsess over somebody (occasional lapses aside!) 24/7 when you know they probably don't think of you at all, but to be able to think straight and focus on life as such instead. Not always as easy to execute, but for now it suits me fine and feels way better than compromising with somebody who does not treat me the way I want to be treated. An achievement indeed!


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