Monday, September 24, 2018

Meet Grace Ful

Two weeks ago, I added one more handbag (wink, wink) to my collection. I went to buy it with Bestie Boy, who also took the above picture, where my hair is considerably longer than it is now. I really love it, as not only do my legs look way slimmer than IRL, but this spot (in front of the Firm's Vienna office) is dear to my heart. I still miss working right in the centre pretty much every day. The bag in question is called "Graceful" and was released by Louis Vuitton about a year ago. I just LOVE its slouchiness and since this is my first LV bag in the "Damier Ebène" I was extra excited and have decided it is THE autumn bag if not all year round bag that I had been waiting for. 
So lovely and just the right amount of "slouchiness".

An this red lining. Swoon.

Grace, as I like to call her, is a beauty...and yet so down to earth. Love.


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