Monday, September 10, 2018

Something to Look Forward to

This past weekend, I was in Klagenfurt, getting to enjoy the lake weekend that I had forgone due to the wedding I had to return to Vienna for last month. The weather was beautiful and I got to go swimming just as planned. 
The Friday I arrived, my Mum also received the itinerary for our trip to East Canada in less than two weeks time. It is a package tour (my birthday gift) and I checked out the hotels that were listed and made a seat reservation on the Lufthansa website for the two of us. What with all my gazillion weekend trips this year, I had not put too much thought to that trip until very recently, to be honest. Now that the trip is getting closer and we have more details, I am looking forward to revisiting a country that I had only visited once, 23 (!) years ago and am beginning to paint those vague images I had in my head with bright colours. Our roundtrip includes a visit to Niagara Falls, which is definitely a bullet point on my bucket list that will be ticked off.
In general, I love having things to look forward to (well, I guess that's human nature and not a rare condition): trips abroad (or to my parents' and the lake), meeting friends I have not seen in a while, dressing up for going OUT out, trying a new cake recipe that I know my colleagues will appreciate, getting started on a new DIY project, you name it. Pretty much every Monday to Friday I am seriously looking forward to the weekend and this is actually some thing I think I might miss when I am retired or be in the lucky situation (not that likely in the near future) that I won't have to go to work any more.


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