Monday, July 09, 2018

One year later

This past week, I had my one year anniversary chez Household Name. Yes, I know. Time flies! Anniversaries are always a good opportunity for a bit of reflection, so here goes. In this year, I have managed to sniff out the "cool kids" who are on my wavelength and build up a pretty good network. I still miss the colourful fun, generosity and creativity of the Firm A LOT and still get baffled by the attitude of quite a few people at my current place of work that can best be described as a mix of passive aggressiveness and refusal to even consider adapting to anything new. What I enjoy most is the fact that not only does my job title contain the word "expert", but I am really treated like one. Working at the headquarter of a multi-national company now as opposed to a little outpost does make a big difference and I like that a lot.
My first months were pretty quiet, almost boring, task-wise. Oh my, how this has changed. Very recently, I gained more visibility than I ever wanted and now have turned into an executive-summary-producing, leadership-meeting-attending machine. Not really something I particularly enjoy for an extended period of time, to be honest and I would not mind if things got more quiet during the summer. All in all, though, I have learned a lot in this year, most of all about myself.


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