Monday, April 30, 2018

Perpetuum Mobile

Last week I attended another session of a series of workshops on organisational development and agile methods I am attending together with some of my colleagues. In the course of discussion I voiced some observations of mine, among them the fact that I point-blank refuse to perpetuate a system of ugly text-loaded presentations or other things that people continuously complain about, but don't really do anything to change. Meaning that it's all good to come together to discuss the cool things we could potentially do, but you also need to take action to not fall back into the old set ways. I don't know if it is a sign of (old) age or if I am just past caring, but I have become quite radical in some of my views over the years and noticed that there's no harm in voicing them...diplomatically. I realised my choice of adjectives might have been a tad too harsh when a colleague approached me in a break to ask if it the company was really that horrible, which was not at all the point I had been trying to make. Being the harmony-freak that I am, I immediately back-pedalled and listed some things I found progressive compared to other companies. It really was not my intention to come across as a finger-pointer and complainer who provokes the inevitable question of "if it's so bad here, why don't you leave then?" Until I have figured out the ultimate recipe of giving constructive input in an easily digestible form I will stick to publishing articles on these topics on LinkedIn and wonder if some of my colleagues find them in their feeds. Subversive element, me!


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