Monday, April 09, 2018

O Sola Mia [sic!]

This past weekend I was in Milan. All on my own. It was great. My friends know that I love travelling and so I kindly got a flight voucher for Austrian Airlines, our national carrier. Needless to say, it took me only 2 days until I had redeemed it for a return flight to Milan. I did not feel like waiting until I had found a date that would suit a potential travel companion so went ahead and booked flight and hotel for myself, with the option of having someone join me at a later stage, which I would not have minded. Just the same, I actually quite like visiting cities where I have already been before on my own. Even though my relationship status has been of the "it's complicated" and/or "it's just not happening" variety in the past decade, appreciating solo travel is something that I don't see as a sad byproduct of being single at all. I have lots of friends and a mother who all love to travel and consider me a pleasant travel companion, meaning I have "return customers". Despite that, I sometimes really like some me time and therefore not only don't mind solo travelling, but prefer it. There's a popular saying in Italian ("meglio sola che male accompagnata"), that really resonates with me. It says  that it is better to be alone than in bad company. Even if my choice of company would be far from "bad", I still sometimes politely decline and prefer my own company. While there is a handful of people who I consider my travel soulmates, more or less, travelling with others - as lovely as they might be out of a travelling-together-context - actually decreases my level of travel-gratification. I'd much rather pay more for a single room and in return not have to put up with somebody who needs more sleep, is indecisive in shops that don't interest me, hates spending money (we all know that money spent abroad is Monopoly money, right?), is way more interested in visiting all "it" restaurants than sights...the list goes on. What is your take on solo travel?


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