Monday, March 19, 2018

It's the Little Things...

Remember when I did this "exercise" for a full year, writing a weekly post on things that made me happy the previous week? Well, while I don't formally do this anymore, i,e, take the time to write it down, I still sometimes reflect on those little or big things. Like this past week, when I devoured an old-school "offline" paperback book, one of 5 books I had received for my birthday, enjoyed my Russian language lesson with the same funny and charismatic teacher I had the first time I took lessons with Berlitz (we were assigned another - horrible - teacher at first, but then thankfully got her as a replacement), or hung out with some lovely people on the weekend. One of them was an ex-colleague from the Firm (honorary president of my "fanclub"), the other a colleague (the one who keeps me sane) from my current one.  Well, that only took nine months! Ever since starting at Household Name, I had acutely felt the void that "hanging out with colleagues" had left. Sure, I still occasionally met colleagues from my two past jobs, but I had not yet bonded enough with the current ones that I would socialise with them after hours. Some people might actually be very happy about this situation, but for me it was a bit strange after all these years of working with friends who also happened to be colleagues. (We went to see the Keith Haring exhibition - hence the picture).


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