Monday, March 05, 2018

Go Royal or Go Home

Unlike me, Mademoiselle is pretty clued up on European high aristocracy. This is mainly due to the fact that she grew up stealthily reading the glossy magazines her parents had subcriptions for to keep patients in her father's (a doctor) waiting room entertained. Thus, an interest in miscellaneous royalties was planted into her early in life. In summer 2015, Chiquita and I spent a few lovely days in Stockholm. When I mentioned to Mademoiselle that we were going there, she said "Hey, isn't this when Prince Carl Philip is getting married?" My reply was something like "There is a Prince, too?" as I was only aware of the two Swedish princesses. Turned out there was indeed and he was getting married the very weekend we were there. Thankfully, the Swedes seemed pretty chilled about the whole affair and it was all very low-key as far as royal weddings go.
This past Saturday, we were on a train to Salzburg, leafing through a January issue of UK Hello! magazine that a friend had given me in Sofia the weekend before. Half of it was about Princes William and Harry, including the latter's wedding. "Wait a moment", Mademoiselle said, "Could it be that the wedding is right on the weekend when we'll be in London in May?". I quickly consulted the internet and found that, yep, this was indeed the case. Something tells me that being in town when Harry and Meghan are getting hitched will be slightly crazier and security will be extra tight. On the bright side, it might be a good time to visit museums and shopping precints while everyone else is glued to the TV screen or lining the streets of Windsor. We shall see...


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