Monday, April 23, 2018


Believe it or not, I spent this past weekend in Vienna for a change. Yep. Didn't fly anywhere. It was good timing, too, as the weather was super summery and I finally got round to cleaning (most of) the windows in my flat, swapping most of my wardrobe, "moving" my car, which had been parked in the garage for weeks, and doing other random things I had been putting off. I'll readily admit that I have been a bit overzealous in my weekend-break-booking craze and there for weekends at home have been rare and far between...and will be in the next weeks as well. Compensating for the nice business trips that I don't have any more is a great idea, if slightly costly one, but unlike the past when I always had the weekends to recharge and refuel in between, I am beginning to miss that downtime and am now actually looking forward to some Vienna weekend time in the summer. Not complaining about this self-inflcited #firstworldproblem, though.
I may not have a rooftop terrace and my flat is on a rather busy street, but I still love it and it is my little haven that I have made to look and feel the way I like it over the years.
Random fun fact - I struggle to say the world "homebase", apparently. I had to repeatedly use it in a work context recently and half of the time what came out was "homepage", much to the amusement of the workshop participants. The same thing happens to me with the names "Gerhard" and "Gerald" and "Karin" vs. "Kat(h)rin", all four of which are among my friends - I always need to stop and concentrate before addressing them with the wrong name.


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