Monday, May 07, 2018

The Perfect Travel Companion

As you know, I went a little crazy on the weekend trip front recently and still have some more lined up. Some of these trips, I have made on my own, but for the most part, I travel with friends, or my Mum. While I have a pretty large circle of friends, the circle of travel companions is quite a small one and there are quite a few friends whom I love to bits, but would never choose to go on a vacation together. Here are my top criteria for the perfect travel companion in my book, which, in a nutshell boil down to should not be complicated.
  1. Should be open-minded and curious.
  2. Should be interested in art and culture, but - like me - dislike any kind of guided tour and audioguides.
  3. Should be open to travelling on public transport even if we can afford a taxi.
  4. Should not be stingy, nor deny themselves that scoop of ice-cream only because it costs 1 € more than at home. Likewise, should not argue or get stressed if I want to treat them to something, which does not oblige them to return the favour, either.
  5. Should be willing to spend some time apart occasionally, even if we are on this trip together (e.g. let's meet in an hour while you visit your favourite shops and I visit mine).
  6. Should not be a slave to a must-see/must-buy/must-eat list they compiled back home.
  7. Should not condemn any type of restaurant as "touristy" only because it is near a place of interest or is not in their list of recommended places.
  8. Should not sleep until noon or take ages getting ready. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to set my alarm either, unless I have an early flight to catch, but I don't want to waste half the day waiting for somebody in the morning.
  9. Should be flexible and not go into panic or sulky mode if something out of our control does not go according to plan.
  10. Should not be bossy and unable to compromise...


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