Monday, May 21, 2018

The Thrill of Chill

When this post goes live I will still be in London (if everything goes according to plan, of course). I am writing this a few hours before heading to the airport, to yet another weekend away. Actually, it was the first mini trip abroad I booked this year, when my calendar was still completely empty. Since then, it has become more than full with one weekend after another in a different city. Truth be told, I am now actually looking forward to not going anywhere and spending a few weekends in a row in Vienna, not doing anything in particular, but enjoying being at home. I still have a few week(end)s to go before this happens. While I do still enjoy travelling and experiencing new things just as much as I used to, I have come to realise two things in the past months: there's a difference between business trips during the week (which I still miss) and having weekends to recharge at home, and being away pretty much every weekend without down-time at home. The other thing is that the world probably won't end if I lose my frequent traveller privileges in the near future and won't get bonus miles and lounge access. You might have to remind this crazy chick of her own words, but I am determined to not overbook myself again next year and appreciate some "me-time" in Vienna.  Just chilling at home seems such a sweet promise all of a sudden...


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