Monday, January 07, 2019


While, again, I don't have any BIG, worthy New Year's resolutions along the lines of saving the world, inventing the cure for cancer or single-handedly putting a stop to global warming, I do have a mini resolution...also again: using up my HUGE stash of cosmetics and make-up products before I buy new ones. In the jargon of YouTube beauty gurus this means "hitting pan" or achieving "empties". This might sound like a minor feat, but for me, coming across the beckoning aisles of drugstores in countries like France (hyped beauty insider products!), Bulgaria (OMG, so cheap and such great quality!) and Korea (cutting-edge science that will not arrive in Europe anytime soon!) is a hard test to my shopaholic heart. Also, Niche Beauty's bi-annual (at least) "goodie bags" that you get once you purchase over a certain (rather high) threshold are very are the vouchers I receive from local brands where I own loyalty cards. So...small step for mankind, big step for yours truly: don't buy any more stuff until you have used up some.


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