Monday, February 25, 2019


I once had a boss who told us he was reading on a book on how to reduce the hours of sleep you need. I remember thinking "Why in the world would you want to achieve that?!" I love sleeping even if I unfortunately am not somebody who can have a power nap (unless it's a plane or train that somehow are like anesthesia for me) as I can't sleep during the day unless I am severely jet-lagged and even then I try to avoid doing so as it is really much better to make yourself stay up until it's night in the respective time-zone.
This past weekend, I realised I would have to set my alarm both on Saturday morning for skiing and on Sunday morning for a concert that was actually a church service with the Vienna Boys Choir and part os the Vienna Philharmonic performing. Even though I managed to get almost 8 hours of sleep (my usual ideal) the mere THOUGHT of potentially not getting enough sleep made me uneasy.
Mon-Fri is for feeling like a zombie who cannot function without a steady supply of coffee. Weekends are for recharging your batteries and not having to set your alarm. 
Often when I'm not feeling too well for whatever reason, a good night's sleep erases all problems and I wake up refreshed and as if my "reset" button had been pressed. I really pity people who have trouble falling asleep or wake up frequently. Personally, I am one of those people who can switch off immediately when in bed and, once up, are switched on again. It can be somewhat concerning or annoying for people who share a room, or even more so, a bed, with me to expect me to reply and find me fast asleep. It's equally, if not more annoying for people who don't jump into gear easily in the morning and who really don't want to talk to anyone, at least not before their first coffee, to have me babbling away as soon as they open their eyes. Sorry, not sorry. 


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