Monday, May 06, 2019

30 Years

Sometimes I only realise just how old I am when I calculate how many years ago a certain event took place. Or how long I've known certain people. When this post goes live I will hopefully be back from England where I will hopefully have had a great time (and not frozen my bum off) at a lovely wedding in scenic Henley upon Thames. The wedding of a dear friend with whom I did a language exchange thirty (30!) years ago! I really can't believe we have known one another for that long and that we have kept in touch over all these years. We don't meet very often at all and don't write to each other bar one birthday and Christmas card per year, but when we do meet in person, we instantly click and reconnect where we left off the last time we saw one another. She has a great sense of humour and I remember the three or so weeks when she stayed with my family around Easter 1989 mainly laughing and sharing private jokes that made us convulse with fits of giggling. I have no doubts that we will still be in touch in 30 years time...or even 60? Okay, that's probably a little too optimistic, but we shall see...


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