Monday, April 29, 2019

Beach, Baby

Right now, I'm enjoying the flower explosion that is spring and never fail to stop to smell the lilac when I walk by a bush here in Vienna. In Burggarten, my favourite flowers, peonies, are in bloom and overall, it is a really nice time of the year. For me, however, one thing I love most about this season is that it won't be long to my very favourite one, summer. As the days get longer, I have more energy, am in a better mood and love life more than ever. Everything really is better in the sun as far as I am concerned and if you add water to the equation I am the happiest bunny of them all. You can bet that I'll get another season ticket for Vienna's municipal pools that will prompt me to go swimming even when the sun is not out just to prove to myself that it was money well spent. I will also enjoy lazy selfish antisocial me-time laying on the grass or sand, finally able to read the backlog of magazines I have accumulated over the previous months.
Summer is also the season when I get the most compliments as I just look and feel better when I have a bit of a tan and my hair is naturally bleached from the sun. You will see me in my feel-good uniform of striped t-shirts and white linen shirts for the next half year. I'm also totally team #daylightsavingtime and if ever there is a petition to make this the standard time for the whole year, I shall be the first to sign it. 
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