Monday, April 15, 2019

Matchy Matchy

The majority of my friends are married with children. The others are currently single (like myself) and mostly not of the desperate variety at all. Nonetheless, most of them would not mind a significant other provided he or she is a nice, funny and good-looking individual. Unfortunately, this species seems not only hard to find, but definitions of what exactly IS nice, funny and good-looking vary. 
What seems so complicated for oneself appears so obvious in the case of others and myself, I am often tempted to match two people I know. So far, no success at all as at least one party did not fancy the other and they were not that keen on being matched in the first place. Recently, some friends of mine and I have become low key obsessed with "trying to match our gay best friends". Needless to say, not very successfully either.
Part of me secretly wants to get somebody delivered on a plate who has been pre-approved by people who know me well, i.e. in particular they have done the background checks on them in the categories "sociophath", "psychopath", "potential ghoster" or "more issues than Vogue" on my behalf. The only time a friend matched me with a seriously handsome guy in her portfolio he definitely fell into the latter category. Then again, the few dates we had made for some anecdotes that have become classics among my friends. Better than nothing, I suppose. *Insert shrugging emoji*


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