Saturday, August 27, 2011

No Apologies

Every summer, I at least spend a couple of days in a row in KLU. For some reason, whenever people ask me where I'm off to, I always say, "Ah, nothing special, only Carinthia, you know...visiting my family, going to the lake, getting my car serviced...the usual." The moment I say it, I get angry at myself for sounding almost apologetic. Why is only a "proper" (i.e. involving a plane or at least an international car journey) vacation something worth bragging about? I've had a week of glourious sunshine in a popular tourist destination, swimming in the most beautiful Austrian lake (yes, I am biased) with drinking water, was spoilt by my parents and enjoyed their beautiful garden. Admittedly, it feels more like a vacation when you are further removed from your daily routines and are not tempted to check your e-mails because roaming costs are too expensive, when a different currency makes you believe more than usual that it's only Monopoly money and you get to see something new.
Still. Vacationing in KLU rocks!


Anonymous novala said...

Totally agree. We spent the last 4 days at Klopeinersee. Carinthia is absolutely beautiful!

8/27/2011 09:10:00 PM  

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