Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Excursion Down Memory Lane

Yesterday, my Mum and I embarked on a little "Granny-Remembrance-Excursion", i.e. the three-countries half-day-trip we had undertaken many times as a three-generation threesome: the village where Granny lived (a visit to the cemetary and quick check if everything was o.k. at the house), followed by a drive to Slovenia via the very steep, but scenic Wurzen Pass in order to have lunch at Kranjska Gora (we should have ordered calamari like she always did, but neither of us has inherited Granny's cravings for them), before we drove to the nearby Italian border-town of Tarvisio for a bit of (grocery and window) shopping.

It was an extremely hot day, even in the ski resort that Kranjska Gora is. The town was virtually deserted:

Tarvisio wasn't exactly overcrowded, either. When we arrived, most shops were still closed for their lunch-break (a very Italian thing): 
One of the shops that was open was Max&Co. Dangerously so: 

I could not resist the pretty navy silk dress with red polka dots. You can't really tell from the picture above, but it is a really original style and flows beautifully. The size fits me perfectly, but it is definitely a bit shorter than my comfort-zone knee lenght. It's a light summer dress, but I would definitely feel more comfortable with a pair of tights to give my wobbly knee area some much-(k)needed definition. Here's a zoom-shot: 

The red shoes that were my Monday-bargain could keep it company, I suppose. Oh, the dress was 40% off and set me back a mere €77. Not bad, eh? I also tried on an original t-shirt with a stiletto-heel print and a fat red zipper at the back, but the last item (an "M" size) was very loose and I wasn't willing to fork out € 35 for it.

Granny, who as a dressmaker never lost her keen interest in all things fashion, would have approved.


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