Monday, June 28, 2010

Quality Time with MC

On Saturday, MC and I spent 6 hours "at the mall", or rather in the Parndorf designer outlet. According to the weather forecast it was going to rain so I decided to go swimming on Sunday (which I did: had a great day at Kongressbad with Frida and family) and spend some of my hard-earned (well, more or less) money on Saturday. MC was more than willing company.
Parndorf 1 (onemorehandbag)As she wanted a radio/cd-player with alarm function and the only electronis store was in the "cube" behind the outlet village proper, we started out there and managed to buy stuff at 4 different shops there already. Including the radio-CD-alarm clock.
Parndorf 2 (onemorehandbag)We spent more than half an hour at the Barbour store where MC was torn between taking a navy ("unwaxed") jacket in the smaller size with temperamental zipper or the bigger size with functioning zipper but less snug fit and less sexy size-tag. In the end, she asked the shop assistants to hold the bigger size and later went back to get it. Predictably enough, I put all the that time we spent there to good (?) use and bought what is the 5th (!) Barbour brand jacket of my life. This time, a super lightweight quilted one that is ideal for travelling and a Granny Smith shade of green. It reminds me a bit of a Fay jacket:
Barbour booty (onemorehandbag)I also saw a sexy DKNY bag the only disadvantage of which was the fact that it sort of gaped open, i.e. did not have a satisfactory clasp. I said I'd think about it and had made up my mind that I did want to buy it after all, but someone had been quicker than me. Bummer. Maybe I should also get in the habit of telling staff to hold items for me, but for some reasons I've never done that and rather like the element of surpise, even if it means I won't get what I want. I see it as an exercise in logic: if I hadn't set foot into that store, I wouldn't know about the thing's existance anyway, so what. Yep, I do have my lucid moments, I really do.

When we left, the sun was still shining and we decided to drive to the lake (Neusiedler See) and see if we could get a table at trendy watering hole, Mole West. We even managed to grab to armchairs right by the waterfront where we stayed for 2 hours. The food, alas, looked considerably more spectacular than it tasted:
tapas & more (onemorehandbag)On our way back to the carpark, we passed a crazy golf course and a "cage" with giant trampolines. MC read my mind and asked if I fancied a go, her treat. After having made sure that it wasn't just for kids - the weight limit was 90 kgs which despite having eaten all that greasy batter pictured above we could manage not to exceed - we took off our shoes and behaved like the big kids we are. You see, trampoline jumping sort of is MC's and my "thing" ever since we were let loose at Stadionbad's trampoline 2 summers ago, which actually gave me the idea for a team event. This time, I perfected the so-called "Oaschler" (Oasch=Arsch in Viennese slang = bum), falling on your behind, then landing on your feet again as you bounce forward.
girls at heart (onemorehadbag)
I don't know if it was the jumping or the shopping-overdose, but I collapsed into bed at a quarter past 10 and didn't wake up until 9 on Sunday morning - a record for me!


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