Friday, June 18, 2010


giant macaron (onemorehandbag)
Yesterday, on the way back to the office after (a light Asian) lunch, MC and I decided to stop at Gerstner's on Kärntner St. for a sweet fix. MC tried a  vanilla bean cup(e)cake which did not survive the journey back to the office for photographic documentation and almost put her into a sugar/fat-induced coma. I decided to try a gigantic macaron, called "Parisienne" for some reason. You can see just how big it from the Nespresso capsule sitting next to it. Like the cupcake, it's € 2,90 and it defintely counts as one portion of dessert. Admittedly, that's a hefty price for one big macaron and the filling was a bit heavy on the jam, but I did like it. After my nasty experience in Bratislava recently, my expectations are not too high, mind you.


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